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15th February

Hello Everyone,

It was great to see you all on Wednesday during our live meet.  I loved all your super vegetables and the pictures of your activities for Health Week.  Well done also for your Health Week posters for our competition - you have put a lot of time and imagination into these.  I have asked one of the teachers to judge these and Mrs Auterson is going to post a video next week announcing the winners - keep an eye out for this!!

Some of you have already sent me the distance you walked/cycled/ran last week.  To total, so far, we have made it to Belfast and half way back again surprise.  Check back later in the week to see if this change!!

I hope you all got your packs collected with extra work/booklets.  Make sure you keep all your work together, ready for our return to school (whenever this will be).

This week is half term so there is only 2 days work this week!!  For topic this week I have given instructions on making a kite.  I made mine yesterday and my niece filmed my attempts to fly it.  I would love to see a video of your kite flying and I can put them on the website (keep video short - about 1 minute).

Have a good week, keep up the great work and enjoy the couple of days 'off school',

Miss McKeon blush

How to make a kite ...

Whole School Primary Valentine's Assembly

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