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15th February

Hello Everyone,


I hope all the children enjoyed Health Week last week. Thank you to everyone who sent me photographs of various activities completed through the week. It was also lovely to see the boys and girls who were on our 'Live Meet,' last Thursday and I really enjoyed seeing all the very creative 'Happiness Jars' and 'Happiness Is' poems the children made and wrote.  Keep an eye on the website as I will be uploading lots of your home learning photographs soon. Thank you to the children who forwarded on their healthy posters to me. Mrs Auterson will announce the winners on the website next week.


Thank you for collecting your packs on Friday. The school is open on Monday and Tuesday in case you still need to get it. Please keep all of this work together as your child will have to bring everything into school to continue on with it if we get back in the near future.


I have included some phonic videos on our timetable this week. I will continue to put one on each week in the future. These videos are taken from 'Twinkl,' which is a teacher resource website and I feel they are excellent for helping to embed what the children have learnt in their phonics so far. 


I have not put any new games on Education City this week as I know many children have not had a chance to complete some of the activities yet. I will leave the current content up for another week and then I will take it off and upload new material.


Mr Kilfedder will be putting a short message on the website on Tuesday so watch out for that. Thank you for working so hard over these last 5 weeks of home learning. I hope you all enjoy a well-deserved break. There will be no live meet this week but I look forward to seeing the boys and girls in this way again soon.


Take Care

Mrs Catterson

Weekly Timetable

Website Links

Pancake Recipe

You Tube Videos

Twinkl Live Lessons: Phase 3 Phonics - 'sh' Lesson (Watch on Monday)

This video is a lesson taken from 'Twinkl' which is a teacher resource website. It is an excellent video. Encourage your child to watch as this video will help to embed their knowledge of the 'sh' phonic sound.

Twinkl Live Lessons: Phase 3 Phonics - 'th' Lesson (Watch on Tuesday)

A video which revises the 'th' sound

ABC Letter Sounds

Band 2 Phonics (Watch on Monday and repeat sounds after the video)

Twinkl Live Lessons: Phase 2 Phonics - 'S' Lesson

Band 2 Phonics Video (Watch on Tuesday)

The Boy Who Grew Dragons Readalong - Chapter 6

'The Boy Who Grew Dragons' read by the author of the novel, Andy Shepherd.

Whole School Primary Valentine's Assembly

Hey! Jesus loves me!

A song to link with the assembly on love above.

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