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1st February

Hello Everyone,

I hope you all had a good weekend.  It was lovely to chat to so many of you over the last week or two.  I'm so pleased to hear you are all working hard.

This week we will hopefully have our Class Video Call on Wednesday (11am) - this will be something new and exciting for us all.  It will give you an opportunity to 'see' all your classmates.  I hope it works well and the technology behaves itself!! Make sure you have your microphone on mute when you join - when it is your turn to speak you will be asked to unmute.  I would like you all to tell everyone a little bit about your product/advert that you have worked on in the last two weeks on English (you'll hopefully be able to show them your work too).  There is information below on accessing the call.

As always, thanks for all the pictures/copies of your work - I love seeing how well you are all doing.  Well done also to the children who have completed all/some of their Education City.

Have a good week everyone, and 'see' you on Wednesday,

Miss McKeon

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