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1st February

Hello Year 3 children and parents,


It is hard to believe we are into a new month of home learning already. I want to thank all the boys and girls for all their hard work so far and to all the family members who are supporting the children at this time. It is very much appreciated. Keep up the great work!


We are going to try a 'Live Meet,' this week to give the children a chance to 'see' one another again. This will take place at 11.30am this Thursday. Please see the information sheet attached for details about this. A link will be put at the top of this home page on Thursday at 11.15am. It will be taken down after the session. I understand this might not suit everyone. We are asking for each child to be accompanied by an adult to mute the microphone when they enter and unmute it when it is their turn to speak. Children in school will have an Ipad to participate. This will be our first 'Live Meet,' and hopefully the technology will work well!

In the 'Live Meet,' the children will have a chance to say hello to their class mates and I would like them to tell everyone their special talent.  This links well with our ebook story and writing task this week called,'Knights and Dragons Unite.' The children will complete the writing task on Wednesday this week so they have had a chance to think of their special talent in advance. I know

I have a talented bunch in Year 3 and I am looking forward to hearing all of their talents. They might range from being school related to being other things the children do outside of school in their spare time.


I have attached an information sheet about the 'Collins Connect,' reading resource that is available free of charge throughout the month of February. This is a great resource as children can listen to audio books being read to them and complete online comprehensions at the end. It really helps with reading as the words are highlighted as they are read. Also, it is something your child can do independently. I have attached a video where I use it to let the children listen to an audio book on 'Castles' in the 'Video Resource Library.' I know a few groups have read this book within their reading before but I just want to let everything see 'Collins Connect,' being used in practice. I have attached an information sheet below.


Thank you for all of your support.

Have a good week.

Looking forward to 'seeing' you if possible on Thursday.


Mrs Catterson 

Weekly Timetable
'Live Meet' Information Sheet
Collins Connect Reading Resource Information Sheet
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Old Castle Archdale Visit

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