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22nd February

Hello Year 3 children and parents,


I hope you all enjoyed your half-term break. I was so glad to hear within the last few days that you will be returning to school on Monday 8th March. I look forward to having you all back in our Year 3 classroom to learn and be together with friends again.


Our live meet will take place on Thursday 25th February at 10am. The link will be uploaded on the website 15 minutes before the session  begins. You are getting more used to using 'Collaborate' now boys and girls so feel free to have a chat to your friends as they join on. You will have an opportunity to say hello to each other and then I am going to do a fun mental maths quiz with you. If you haven't been able to join us in previous weeks I have uploaded the information sheet for you so an adult can help you to join us if that is possible.


I have attached another phonics you tube video for you to watch at sometime through the week. This is revisiting the 'ch' sound which you have learnt about previously in phonics.


The children who were reading band 8 books are moving onto band 8 GINN books. Please note there are keywords at the back of each book. Encourage your child to read over these words and learn any they don't know. The children who were reading band 7 books before half term are moving onto some band 8 books as provided in your new pack. However, this group will still read band 7 books from Oxford Reading Tree. (I didn't have enough band 7 books in school to give you more hard copies of reading books for home at the moment so this is the best plan forward. )


Thank you for all of your continued support. Please continue to send me a few examples of your child's work each week if possible and I will provide some feedback. I really love to see how the children are getting on. I have uploaded some photographs you have sent so far. I am sure the children will enjoy looking at these.


Take Care

Mrs Catterson

Weekly Timetable

Collaborate Help Sheet

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You Tube Videos

Twinkl Live Lessons: Phase 3 Phonics - 'ch' Lesson 9

Watch this video to help the children revise the 'ch' sound in phonics.

Band 2 Phonics - 'W' Lesson 3

Watch this video to help revise words with the 'w' sound.

The Boy Who Grew Dragons Readalong - Chapter 7

The Boy Who Grew Dragons read by the author Andy Shepherd.

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