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22nd February

Hello Year 6,

I hope you all had a lovely half term break and enjoyed the time off school work! 

You will have heard the sad news that our class will not be going back to school until after Easter.  I know you will all be disappointed but we will continue our live meets so you can get to 'see' each other.  Keep working hard at home, especially at your Maths and English, and remember to always try your best - get the work done early in the day when you are fresh and then it will be done for the day.

I will be making some short revision videos for the Red Maths Group - please watch them as these are important areas we need to revise and there will also be some new areas introduced to you (this is mainly in preparation for Transfer Test work but will be useful to all).

You will have received your work packs before half term - we will be starting to use work/booklets within them.  Check them so you know what is inside and keep all your work organised and together (maybe have a Maths folder, an English folder and a folder for other work).

We will be having our 'live meet' on Wednesday at 11am.  I would like you to tell me something interesting or new you have learnt related to our topic ‘Back to the Future’.  If you wish to show something to talk about this must be sent to me by 4pm on Tuesday (it takes time to prepare and upload work).   I will also share some of the other work sent especially videos of you kite flying (I have a couple so far).

Advance Notice - Next Thursday (4th March) is World Book Day and we will be doing book related activities throughout the week.  Mrs Foy would like you to think of your favourite book character and make a potato version (I’ll include some suggestions in a video at the bottom of the page) or draw a picture of it (sheet in book week pack), you could even dress up if you like - I would like you to share this during our live meet next Wednesday. 

Parents remember Mr Kilfedder will be holding a meeting regarding Transfer Procedures on Tuesday 23rd February at 7pm. This will be online using Collaborate Ultra. You will be sent a link prior to the meeting and I shall also include it below this note prior to the meeting.

Keep sending me work - I love to see how you are all getting on. If you haven’t sent any try to do so this week - you could choose the piece of work you are most proud of!

Have a good week Year 6, keep up the great work,

Miss McKeon blush

Maths/English web links ...

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Renewable Energy Sources - Types of Energy for Kids

Educational video for children to learn what renewable energy source are, which are their main properties and what types of energies exist.

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Let's Go: Zacchaeus

Ideas for Potato Challenge ...

Still image for this video
This is for next week - try to have done for our live meet on Wednesday 3rd March.

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