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25th January

Hello Year 3 children and parents,

I hope you have all enjoyed a well deserved break over the weekend. I enjoyed speaking to you this week and receiving an update on how things are going. It was lovely to talk to so many of the children personally as well. Thank you to so many of you for forwarding on photographs of your child's work for feedback. I love seeing how the children are getting on. Please continue to send me some examples when possible. Thank you.

Lots of ebooks are available on the 'Oxford Owl,' website. Please see sheet below for the login details.

Mr Kilfedder has recorded a special assembly for the children. The children will be able to watch this on Friday 29th January in the 'Video Resource Library.'

I hope to have a live session with you all in the near future. Details about this will be forwarded at a later stage by email. I look forward to seeing all the boys and girls soon.

If you have anything I can help you with please don't hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for all of your support. It is very much appreciated.


Have a good week.

Mrs Catterson






Useful Website Links
You Tube Videos

The Boy Who Grew Dragons Readalong - Chapter 3

The Boy Who Grew Dragons read by the author, Andy Shepherd

Castles-Siege Machines

Watch the videos below to find out what siege machines and weapons were used to attack castles. Watch Mrs Catterson's video in the 'Video Resource Library,' as well.

A Medieval Trebuchet

This video shows you how a trebuchet works. It looks like a large catapult and was used to attack castles.

Battering Ram

This siege machine was used to bash against the castle entrance.

Medieval crossbow vs Longbow

This video shows how the crossbow and longbow weapons work. Both would have been used to attack and defend castles.

Bibletime Lesson 3

Daniel Prays Three Times A Day

Watch this video to help you complete lesson 3 in your Bibletime Booklet.

Tower of Babel Assembly

Caroline from Scripture Union is speaking on this assembly

If You Need To Contact Mrs Catterson