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8th March

Hello Everyone,

I hope you all had a good weekend.  Well done to you all for your excellent work during book week, and for the excellent book characters.  It was such a hard job to judge them - I couldn't do it so I asked another teacher frown.  Make sure you watch Mrs Foy's video to see the competition winners.

This week will be a strange week for some of you whose siblings in Nursery, P1, P2 or P3 are going back to school.  It will hopefully be our turn soon.  Make the most of the quiet time in the house to get your work finished before they come home and maybe even you will have a bit of free time.

We start our practice tests for the Transfer Test this week.  Remember to collect your pack from school on Monday.  The first test (Test 17) is to be completed on Wednesday morning (first thing) and then hopefully you will be able to do your corrections after.  I will have videos of the corrections up in the Video Resource Centre for you to use (please make sure you watch them).  I also have revision videos (Video Resource Centre) and sheets (website) that will help.  Remember there will be areas we have not covered yet.  I have a couple of information sheets in the folder below.  Please feel free to email if you have any questions and please email me your score so I can keep a record of it.

Remember this Sunday (14th) is Mothering Sunday.  I have some examples of Mother's Day cards you could make.

Our live meet this week will be on Thursday at 1.45pm.  This will be a general meet, have a pencil and paper handy as we may play a few games.

Finally many thanks for all the pictures of your work.  It is great to see how you are all working so hard, keep it up - it's not for much longer!

Have a good week,

Miss McKeon laugh


Possessive Nouns (Friday English if story completed)

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