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Return to School Monday 22nd March


Boys and girls, I am so excited and can't wait for us all to be back together again.  It will be lovely to see you all in person, hear what you have been up to, get work all sorted and most importantly.....let you catch up properly with your friends.smiley


I will see most of you tomorrow on our 'Live Meet' at 11am.  I am doing it from school tomorrow so hopefully the internet will be working well.  We were to be thinking and sharing a little about WWII but now that we are going back to school on Monday, we will focus more on that.


I am really asking for your help to make Monday as smooth as possible.  You need to bring EVERYTHING back to me but I need you to organise it at home before Monday.  The first and most important thing that you need to do is to go through and make sure every booklet, piece of paper, book etc are all named.  This will ensure your work all gets filed.


Please set all your work and books out on your kitchen table and organise into folders:

1.  Homework Folder:  This will have your English Homework and Maths Homework project folders, your Spelling Homework booklets (Thursday nights one), your A4 Spelling Journal, A4 Learning Homework book, Homework Diary


2.  Folder that you keep under your desk in school:  This will have your textbooks- Maths NHM3, English- Grammar and Punctuation, Comprehension, Handwriting, Collins English Book 3, plus your spelling test book and your yellow daily spelling book.  It will also have some busy books.


3.  Blue cardboard folder:  All Maths work- Activity book, photocopied booklets, exercise books (most of you have 2)  New Waves Mental Maths, Mental Maths Assessments, Multiplication books, plus extra sheets such as Abacus maths, money work sheets, shopping in the past maths  (Please make sure you have these all named).


4.  Pink Cardboard Folder:  All English- most of you have 2 red exercise books, your comprehension photocopied booklet, your grammar photocopied booklet, plus extra pages- book day work, pieces of writing (Schools in the Past, Ivy Cottage, Winklesea postcard and map, Ben and Charlie move house).

It is so important that these are all named.

In this folder also add your Topic booklets- Winter and WWII.

Please return R.E. booklets in this folder as well.


Please return anything else that I have forgotten to mention.  You really will make things easier when it is named and the four folders are organised.  Thank you in advance!!


Extra Information

1.  Remember to come in your P.E. clothes on Monday

2.  Friday is a half day so you only need 4 days dinner money (please put it in an envelope with the days stated and correct money)

3.  You are allowed to bring a school bag this term and it will hang on the back of your chair,  therefore your pencil case doesn't have to stay in school.

4.  Please make sure you have replenished your pencil case with writing pencils, colouring pencils, glue stick, rubber, sharpener and make sure all are labelled.

5.  If you have reading books at home please return them as I have a list of what was sent home and I will be ticking them off.


I know this seems a lot to sort but if you sort one set of folders and books it will be easier than me sorting 27.smiley


If you have any queries or concerns please drop me an email and I will do my best to help you.


I hope you have a lovely weekend and get an early night on Sunday.


I am really looking forward to seeing you all, 


Mrs Ginn.

Please feel free to contact Mrs Ginn if there is anything you need.