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Week 1 - 11/01/21

Hello Year 5,

I hope everyone managed to get adjusted to home learning last week. Thank you to everyone that sent through pictures of their fabulous work. This week all the resources you need have been updated to the class page. Inside your folders you will find all the books and worksheets you need to complete your work.

Each day I will upload a short video to help you understand your Maths and Literacy work. Please watch these first and then start to complete your written work each day. You will find these videos in the Video Resource Centre on the website in the section entitled - Children. All Year 5 videos can be found here along with Topic videos and our new class Novel - There's a Pharaoh in my Bath. 

This week I have created a 'My City' on Education City for each Maths group. You will find your password in your homework diary if you have forgotten it. Please complete this if you can, as I can monitor who is accessing these.

For Reading, I have assigned a book to each group on Oxford Reading Owl. There is a separate note about this on the class page detailing passwords and books for each group. Alongside this please remember to read your own novel also to develop your reading.

Please send me pictures of your completed work to my email: I will reply and send feedback as promptly as I can. Keep your completed worksheets in the folder provided so can file these away on our return to school.

I hope you have a good week at home. Stay safe and well. smiley If you have any questions feel free to contact me.


Mrs Foy

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