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Week 10 - 15th - 19th March

Hey guys,

Welcome to week 10 of home learning. We are keeping the same format as usual. You have a short week this week as you have Wednesday off for St Patrick's Day. in light of this I have shortened your timetable and you don't have any Topic this week the focus in is Numeracy and Literacy. Our class meet on Thursday this week at 10am and it is a Numeracy quiz based on all of the things we have covered in numeracy so far - including your time of homelearning. Make sure to have a pencil and paper at the ready. There are prizes to be won.wink Sorry that the connection was so poor on Friday. Hopefully it will be better this week. 

Congratulations to last weeks Titanic Model winners

- Travis 

- Lacey 

- Adam

- Faith 

- Mollie

- Sasha  

Homework tokens shall be ready for you when we return. 

Please make sure you are watching all of the videos before starting. They are there to help you.

Any problems just let me know via email -  

Chat soon 

Mrs A smiley