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Week 10 Monday 15th March


This is a brilliant series and I have decided to start it this week.  I have added the first two episodes.  Please only let your child watch the two as I want to make sure we are at the same place for whenever we get back to school.  Older siblings will remember these and may want to watch too.  Enjoy.

A Note home

Weekly Timetable

Blue Group Maths Check Ups 4 and 8

Mrs Ginn's example of her Powerpoint, it is just the start.

Examples to draw for WWII Art

Look and Read - Spywatch - Episode 1- Sent Away

Look and Read - Spywatch - Episode 2 - Grainger Danger

P.D.M.U. Acts of Kindness

Internet Links

Pilate and Christ


Saint Patrick Assembly from Alistair (Scripture Union)

Love Light with Here for the Gold (

Please feel free to contact Mrs Ginn if there is anything you need.