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Week 11 15.06.20

Literacy Resources

I have added 3 short phonics videos which help to explain ue, ew and u-e that make the long'oo' sound in words.


'ue' Words

The first half of this video teaches you words with 'ue' in them that make the long 'oo' sound.

Geraldine the Giraffe learns /u-e/

ew for /oo/ and /yoo/ sounds - Phonics

Dinosaurs phonic sound-ch words

Numeracy Resources

Teacher explanation videos are in the 'Video Resource Centre.'

Number and Counting song | Learn Counting to 1000

This song teaches you the pattern for counting numbers above 100.

World Around Us Resources

Watch the videos below to learn more about what life was like in houses in the past.

BBC Watch Magic Grandad - In the Kitchen

BBC Watch Magic Grandad - Bathtime

Father's Day Card and Craft Ideas

If You Need To Contact Mrs Catterson

Feel free to e-mail me if I can help you with anything. Thank you.