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Week 12 22.06.20

Message from Mrs Catterson

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Well done for completing Year 3. I am so proud of you all!

A few reminders for the week ahead.

  • I am not setting any formal work this week. I have attached several practical activities your child may like to do this week or at other times over the summer. In your child's packs there was a small weather topic project and many of these activities relate to this or our class novel 'The BFG,' which unfortunately we did not get to  finish.
  • It was lovely talking to parents and some children this week on the phone. Many of you were asking how you could keep up some aspects of learning over the summer. I have attached a list of ideas of how you can continue to reinforce your child's learning in fun and practical ways. See attached information about the library's summer reading scheme. I have added a video below of a project I made as a child which might inspire your child to do something similar with a topic that particularly interests them. I made this in year 7 so make sure the boys and girls realise I didn't do it in Year 3!
  • Remember to come into school this week on the day allocated to your eldest child in primary school. You will be able to collect all of your family's work together. Please return any textbooks or other school books you may have in a plastic bag, marked with your child's name and return in the year 3 box.
  • There is a poly pocket inside the top folder including your child's report and other special certificates.
  • Thank you to those who have sent me photographs of their Year 3 memory work. If anyone else would like to forward me theirs I will put these on our class page before the summer break.

Thank you once again for all your continued support.

Have a lovely summer

Take care

Mrs Cattersonsmiley


Practical/Oral Activities For Reinforcing Year 3 Learning Over The Summer

Be part of the reading 'Silly Squad,' this summer.

A Few Ideas Linked to Our Class Novel-'The BFG.' The movie is attached below.

BFG-Make a dream jar

BFG-Make some frobscottle-Only for fun! DO NOT DRINK IT!

Roald Dahl's The BFG (1989) - Full Movie

Weather- A few things to make and experiments to try linked to this topic

You might like to make a kite or windsock using tissue paper or plastic bags

Weather experiments for children

You might like to give 1 or 2 of these experiments a try.

Year 3 Project Ideas

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If You Need To Contact Mrs Catterson