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Week 12 - 22nd June (Year 6)

A final message ...

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My Lockdown Memories ...

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Can you work out whose memories these are?

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Here's another one ...

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Hello Year 6,

so this is the final week of ‘school’!! It is so hard to believe that your year in P6 is over, and what a strange year it has been!
As this is the last week there is no formal work, except for children doing the Transfer Test (sorry) - you will see a timetable from me below detailing work to be completed this week. 
I would like you all to record your memories of lockdown so in years to come you will be able to look back on this as a record of events. You can do this in a number of ways - poster, mindmap, PowerPoint, Book Creator, iMovie or in another way of your choosing. I have done one for myself using Book Creator and I’ve shared this so you can have an idea on what to include. Please share these with me and I can upload for the rest of the class to see - make sure you do NOT put your name on it if there is a photo of you. I can’t wait to see your creations.

You can also complete your Viking booklet.

Remember our class novel ‘Flamingo Boy’.
You will also be collecting/returning books to school on Friday (see last week’s notes). 
Finally, well done to you all (and your parents) for completing your 12 weeks of home schooling. It has been a new experience for us all. I know you all will have worked hard over this time and are now ready for your summer holidays.

Thanks for all your emails and pictures of your work, and thank you to your parents for all their support. 
Have a wonderful summer,

Miss McKeon 

Get reading over the summer and take part in the Reading Challenge.

Timetable (Transfer work children)

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