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Week 7 - 18th May (Year 6)

AWARE - Ten things you can do to feel better right now

Nigel is back with another fantastic video to help you mind your mental health and well-being. This week, he's talking about 'Ten things you can do to feel b...


Hello Children,

So here we are at week 7!!  Hard to believe.  I hope you all got on well with last week's work - thanks for all the photos and I even received a Scratch project too (which is on the website!). 

As usual you will find all the work below and the videos are in the Video Resource Centre.  Remember there are some revision videos there and also Naomi's 'Walk Through the Bible' - do take time to watch them.

I have added 3 Viking Saga videos which are about Viking mythology. 

Also watch the 'Aware' video at the top of this page - there is useful information on how you can look after yourself and your mental health (and there are some funny bits in it too).

Have a good week and keep in touch!

Miss McKeon

Weekend Homework

Maths Resources
Vikings Resources

Odin creates the World - Viking Saga Stories

This is an animated, abridged adaptation of the full Viking creation myth, which recounts how Odin creates the world.

Freya and the goblins - part 1 - Viking Saga Stories

Loki introduces us to another Viking Saga character, the beautiful but vain goddess, Freya. Part 1 of 2.

Freya and the goblins - part 2 - Viking Saga Stories

The goddess Freya has returned to Asgard and her husband Odur, having kissed the goblins for their necklace. Part 2 of 2.

Can you complete the 7 Day Kindness Challenge?

Non Transfer Work Basic Skills

Maths - Red Group Answers

Maths - Blue Group Answers

Mental Maths Answers

Grammar and Punctuation

Comprehension Book 3 - The Snow Spider

Comprehension Book 2 - Basilisks

Remember - videos are on the Video Resource Centre!

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