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Week 8 - 01/03/21

Hello Boys & Girls,

I hope you all had a good weekend and got to go outside and enjoying the dry weather. I have to start by apologising for our 'Live' session on Friday. Unfortunately the internet connections were not good in school on Friday morning and it was out of my control. I really loved seeing all your Art pictures from 'Draw with Rob'. Hopefully next Friday it will work ok for us. 

I have a fun week of activities planned this week with World Book Day on Thursday(4th) March. Make sure you go to the Video Resource Centre this week and watch the videos I have uploaded related to World Book Day. I have uploaded a video explaining all our activities and competitions for this week.  Ryan Wilson a children's author from Northern Ireland has kindly sent me a video for you all to watch. He will be reading one of his books that he has written. The teachers also have recorded two stories in our 'Pass the Story'.

Make sure you print off your £1 Book token and bring it to Tesco or Asda to get a free book. You can also use it against a full priced book also to get £1 off. 

World Book Day activities to get involved in:

1. Favourite Book Character Competition - either complete the worksheet or make a potato book character.(Ideas below) Prizes for 1st, 2nd & 3rd.  (Please send me a picture before Thursday @ 3pm as I will use these in our 'Live' on Friday.)

2. Guess the Teacher's Favourite Book - (return to me by Thursday please)

3. Unusual Reading - please send me a picture of you reading in an unusual place.(Examples below) We can include these pictures in our 'Live' on Friday.

4. David Walliams Assembly - link below.

5. Share a Story Live - link below.

I have also uploaded information about a Road Safety competition that you may want to enter. Year 5 have taken part in this in previous years and we have been successful with winners. It may be worth a go. Please send your entries to me by Wednesday 10th March so I can send them to the relevant address.

Just a reminder about making sure you include a date and Learning Intention in your written work. I have noticed that some children are forgetting to do this. 

I hope you have good fun this week with all these activities boys and girls. I look forward to seeing you all on our 'Live' @ 10am on Friday morning. If you want to dress up as book character feel free to do so (totally optional). 

Keep up the great work at home. Remember to send me pictures of your work each week and I can provide feedback. 

Mrs Foysmiley

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World Book Day Resources
Find an unusual place to read your book and send me in your pictures
Ideas if you want to make a potato book character



Road Safety Competition - Worth Having a go. 

Entries to me by Wednesday 10th March.

Useful Links 

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