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Week 8 25.05.20

Hello Year 3 and Year 3 Parents,

Just a few notes for the week ahead.

  • Firstly, I hope you enjoy Monday off this week. I have set less work you will be glad to know!
  • I have uploaded a few more maths explanation videos in the 'Video Resource Centre.'
  • Thank you for sending me your kindness messages for your friends. I am so impressed with your fantastic Art work and creativity. Your kindness messages will 'fill the buckets,' of your friends as illustrated in last week's story. Feel free to keep sending them and I will upload them. Thank you.

Thank you for your continued support with home learning.

Hope you all have a good week.smiley

Take Care

Mrs Catterson

A Kindness Message For Year 3 From Mrs Catterson

Numeracy Resources

Teacher explanation videos in 'Video Resource Centre.'

BBC Schools: Numbertime: Money - Coin Equivalents to £1

Literacy Resources

Phonics 'ie' words. These letters make the 'I' sound in words

Phonics 'igh' words. These letters make the 'I' sound in words

Phonics CCVC words

If you are in the dinsoaurs group for spelling here is a video to help you with your phonics this week.

Questions power point

Education City (Literacy and Numeracy games)
R.E Resources

The Prodigal Son - Beginner's Bible

If You Need To Contact Mrs Catterson

Please contact me if you need any help or clarification with tasks.