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The curriculum is designed to give a broad and balanced education to all children and to present these children with experiences suitable to their current stages of development.


Lisbellaw Primary School offers the statutory Northern Ireland Curriculum as dictated by the Department of Education and includes the following areas of study:


Language and Literacy - Talking and Listening which includes stories, poetry, rhymes, drama.  Reading which includes phonics, comprehension, library skills.   Writing which includes all types of Writing, Grammar, Handwriting, Spellings


Mathematics and Numeracy -  Number, Measures, Shape and Space, Handling Data and the processes.


The World Around Us - Science, History and Geography.

Personal Development and Mutual Understanding - Learning about themselves and how they interact with others, society and the world in which they live.


Physical Education -  Athletics, Dance, Games and Gymnastics.


The Arts - Art and Design, Music and Drama.


Religious Education.


Learning Through Play is an important part of the Foundation Stage timetable.


The Northern Ireland Curriculum develops the Cross  Curricular skills of Communication, Using Mathematics and Using ICT.  Thinking skills and Personal Capabilities are developed - Thinking, Problem Solving and Decision Making, Selfmanagement, Working with Others, Managing Information and Being Creative.